Street Light Amber (Ward Wood Publishing, 2020)

“Dating back certainly as far as his 2011 debut collection, Noel Duffy has a long-standing interest in the past – how we shape it as much as how it shapes us; how memories are lost or retrieved… After two intervening collections that drew more heavily on his scientific background and interests, Duffy’s fourth collection, marks a return to this fertile territory.”

- David Butler, Goodreads (July 2020)

Summer Rain (Ward Wood Publishing, 2016)

“Noel Duffy’s third collection is structured into three different parts – each exhibiting a poetic range, an experimentation in form and theme… ‘Caroline’, the final poem of the collection, encapsulates the humane, enquiring voice which flows as consistently as water throughout the three sequences of Summer Rain – a collection, which for all its exactness of structure, should ultimately be enjoyed for its great empathy and craft.”

- Enda Wyley, Dublin Review of Books (January 2017)

On Light & Carbon (Ward Wood Publishing, 2013)

“… there is throughout this book a sense of continuity through history, a continuity that paradoxically accomm-odates change through experience and experiment. As such, it’s not just Duffy’s education in experimental physics that shows throughout this book but the influence of science on the world of emotions and personal experience…”

- John Murphy, The Lake (December 2013)


In The Library Of Lost Objects (Ward Wood Publishing, 2011)

“Duffy understands poetry, it’s his tradition; he obviously loves it and has a curatorial urge to see it thrive. He exhibits only the good stuff, the best work, there’s no small talk, no gimmicks, nothing insincere, he just gets down to the heart of things and gives us poems that matter.”

– Grace Wells, Poetry Ireland Review (autumn 2011)



The Return Journey & Our Friends Electric: Two Novellas (Ward Wood Publishing, 2011)

“This is a serious piece of work, skilfully and movingly accomplished.”

– Lindsay Clarke, author of The Chymical Wedding and The Water Theatre.


The Rainstorm (Tyger Theatre Company, 2006)

“Haunting and evocative, a symphony of loss and redemption, The Rainstorm herald’s Duffy’s theatrical arrival as one of Ireland’s most skilful and talented dramatists.”

– Colm Ó Foghlú, Irish Theatre Magazine (online)


The Silence After (South Tipperary Arts Centre, 2003)

“A tremendous sense of ease, of fullness, informs these poems, both individually and as a collection. It suggests they have been allowed to ripen over a long period into their appointed shapes. They present themselves to the reader at exactly the right moment to be picked, full of flavour, the indefinable flavour of how things are.”

– Mark Roper, author of A Gather of Shadows



Watching the River Flow: A Century in Irish Poetry (Poetry Ireland/Éigse Éireann, 1999) Editors: Noel Duffy & Theo Dorgan.

Section Editors: Eavan Boland; Eiléan Ní Chuilleanain; Bernard O’Donoghue; Thomas Kinsella; Ciaran Carson; John Montague; Michael Longley; Seamus Heaney; Cathal Ó Searcaigh; Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill

“…multiplicity is the point in this wonderfully exhilarating anthology” – The Irish Times

“This is a valuable and fascinating collection” – The Sunday Business Post

“… an eye opening and intriguing piece of anthologising” – The Sunday Tribune

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