Ludwig sits on a park bench resting, the sunlight
dappled in the leaves and branches above him.
He watches as a group of boys gather by the water’s edge,
launch their paper boats out onto the trembling surface,
each hoping their craft might catch on a steady current
as they race towards the bridge in the distance…
These, so like the paper boats he too made as a child,
each pushed out carefully from the river’s edge
as he watched the fragile vessels travel downstream
and on towards the farmlands that lay beyond,
knowing as they disappeared from view
that some invisible force carried each along;
how by such small things observed, the world might
be understood, its patterns arrested in reflection
and thought, to reveal all of nature’s hidden laws.
He stands up and smiles as a young boy cheers,
his boat having arrived first at the finishing mark,
then shuffles off slowly into the afternoon sunlight,
happy that boys remained the same, excited by such
simple games – how through these experiments
made, some small pleasure may still be gained.

from ‘Games of Chance & Reason’

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