Summer Rain

Surface Tension
Otter at Rydal

All poems taken from the collection Summer Rain, which was published in August 2016 by Ward Wood Publishing.

“Noel Duffy’s third collection is structured into three different parts – each exhibiting a poetic range, an experimentation in form and theme which mark a departure from the more lyrical, autobiographical work of his previous volumes, In the Library of Lost Objects (2011) and On Light & Carbon (2013). These are new sequences from a poet eager to take chances in subject matter and to push forward the boundaries of his [poetry]… ‘Caroline’, the final poem of the collection, encapsulates the humane, enquiring voice which flows as consistently as water throughout the three sequences of Summer Rain – a collection, which for all its exactness of structure, should ultimately be enjoyed for its great empathy and craft.”

- Enda Wyley, Dublin Review of Books, January 2017 (Read full review here)

“This collection is a trilogy of sequences that help the reader appreciate the life of the eminent physicist Ludwig Boltzmann, the father of atomic theory, with stunning poems about stars, water and snow; and of ten individuals united by the presence of rain and human frailty… Duffy earns our trust as both scientist and poet in this collection. His ability to blend the two makes his poems echo long after they are read. He sees into the life of things, and allows us to look through the microscope with him.”

- Catherine Ann Cullen, Books Ireland, May/June 2017 (Read full review here)

“I knew the word entropy and had a vague idea that matter becomes disordered over time. Nothing more. Noel Duffy’s collection changed that very satisfyingly. It educated and interested me in scientific ideas and their development… These gorgeous poems also remind us of the ultimate transformation, of life into death… Overall this is a satisfying collection that has expanded my knowledge of science and stimulated me to search in unexpected places for poems to come.”

- Jenny Hockey, Write Out Loud, January 2017 (Read full review here)

“Noel Duffy’s new collection of poems… is a compact arrangement of complex observations on what it means to be human in a natural world. In it we find the still unusual juxtaposition of poetry with science and the intermingling of elements that refreshes both disciplines by exploring metaphorical and literal meanings of rain and radiance.”

- Barbara Knott Jones, The Grapevine Art & Soul Salon, ‘Dublin Diary’, December 2016 (Read full review here)

Summer Rain can be ordered from The Book Depository (with free delivery worldwide).

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