On Light & Carbon

On Light & Carbon
The 2nd Law
On Light
The Pattern

All poems taken from the collection On Light & Carbon, which was published in autumn 2013 by Ward Wood Publishing.

“When Kurt Vonnegut posed the question: can a respectable writer claim to know how a refrigerator works, he was echoing a myth of a polarised division between science and art, disproved by scientist/writers such as Holub, Chekhov, McGovern and now Noel Duffy… In his new collection On Light and Carbon he keeps faithful to his purpose… He seeks ‘the tissue of order’ (Kinsella), the harmony where art and science concur as in ‘Harmonic Resonance’ where ‘the pendulums swung in elegant unison/a single pure note witnessed, though silent’…”

- James Lawless, Books Ireland March/April 2014. Issue no. 354 (Read full review here)

“… there is throughout this book a sense of continuity through history, a continuity that paradoxically accommodates change through experience and experiment. As such, it’s not just Duffy’s education in experimental physics that shows throughout this book but the influence of science on the world of emotions and personal experience… This is a book full of strong poems, strong and vivid imagery and a wide use of varying stanza forms and line lengths, complementing the varied use of prose-like syntax and contracted prosodic cadences. Art does endure and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more good work from Noel Duffy in the future.”

- John Murphy, The Lake: December 2013 (Read full review here)

“This is a book to savour, and one in which the muscular 2001 Odyssey soundtrack in our minds [at the beginning] is slowly replaced with the ethereal imagined sounds of, I would suggest, ‘An Ending (Ascent)’ by Brian Eno. It’s a collection to enjoy from start to finish, with useful notes at the back that will help you overcome any awkward science bits. The truth is that the poems sing with the pure ideas of a poet who has honed his craft, but still remains full of wonder.”

- David Coldwell, Write Out Loud, January 2014 (Read full review here)

My thanks to writer Shauna Gilligan for taking the time to talk to me about On Light & Carbon on her blog ‘A Girl’s Writing is Never Done’. In the first part of the interview, we talk mainly about the process of writing the book. You can find that here.

In the second part, we discuss the long, centrepiece poem from the collection, ‘Timepieces’. You can find that here.

And finally an interview with novelist, poet and playwright Sue Guiney about my work and, in particular, the non-science aspects of my new collection, On Light & Carbon. It can be found on her blog ‘Writing Life’ here.

On Light & Carbon can be ordered from The Book Depository, Amazon and Ward Wood Publishing

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