The Return Journey & Are Friends Electric?Noel’s book The Return Journey & Our Friends Electric: Two Novellas was published by Ward Wood Publishing in late January, 2011.

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The Return Journey

“I can’t tell you why these clouds, on this particular day,
seemed so fantastically different than they had on any
day before, or any day since. Strange that they had always
been there and I had just never looked up and noticed.”

Late for an important meeting, Swiss life insurance broker, Hermann, stops to tie his shoelace. When he stands up everything has changed. Unable to understand what has happened, Hermann knows only that he must leave his life in Switzerland behind and set off on a search for understanding. Moving between Zurich, Dublin, and Ireland’s Atlantic coast, The Return Journey is a novella in the tradition of Hamsun and Camus, exploring the limits of the human quest for understanding, and the possibilities of redemption within a world stripped of its traditional meanings.

“Through the powerful undertow of feeling in the clear, consciously understated prose of Noel Duffy’s subtly constructed novella, we accompany the narrator on his journey from the state of isolated attention… to a newly achieved sense of wonder and relatedness. This is a serious piece of work, skilfully and movingly accomplished.”

- Lindsay Clarke, author of The Chymical Wedding, winner of the
Whitbread Prize for Fiction.

Read an extract from The Return Journey here.


Our Friends Electric

It’s 2009 and a long time since Depeche Mode topped the charts but that doesn’t bother Tom. Classic music is classic music because it doesn’t date. Tom has recently moved in with the beautiful Lisa, a musician. He hopes their shared love of music will bring them even closer together but, unluckily for Tom, Lisa thinks he is stuck in the past and the most embarrassing part of the past ever as far as she is concerned: circa 1979-83. Our Friends Electric is a slyly comic take on the modern dating game, played out to the backdrop of music from a decade some people pretend they would rather see forgotten.

Read an extract from Our Friends Electric here



An interview with Noel about writing in different disciplines – including poetry, screenwriting and fiction – can be found on writer Sue Guiney’s excellent blog. It can be found here

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